Equal parts sweet and cruel, I am a Dominatrix with cunning intuition and a thirst for probing the minds of my willing subjects. I take a somewhat softer approach to BDSM, yet my sadistic streak cannot be easily hidden once I discover your weakness. I relish in the art of tease, and delicious mind-fucking, which I implement in each session. I rule my subjects with a satin glove – harnessing my feminine superior power. Mischief and playfulness are at the core of my being. You will be delighted, and at times terrified by my power.
Elements of kink trickle into every aspect of my life – I see the world as a playground for my most devious perversions. Whether we are crafting a scene, or simply riding the waves of spontaneous play, I am well adept at discovering our “sweet spot”.
I am intentional in my approach, setting aside time to expand my knowledge base. As a result, I enter each session with a renewed sense of devotion to my craft. I enjoy playing with submissives, masochists, kinksters and fetishists of all experience levels. I feel that my softer approach is perfect for the more timid players among you, or even the curious newcomer.
Whether you are seeking a strict Domme, a cruel tease, or a kinky, sophisticated young woman who is always in control – I am sure to leave you heavily intoxicated, craving more.
I am highly selective with who I session with, which allows me to focus on building lasting bonds with my adoring devotees. Please keep this in mind when approaching me, so that you stand a higher chance of making a good first impression for my consideration.

You may address me as: Letharia, Mistress, Master, or Goddess.
Personal stats:
5’6 ”
125 lb
Measurements: 33-28-37
Foot Size: 8.5
Dress Size: 6