Latex Worship|New Short Video & Reflections

Latex. That gummy rubber stretched across my limbs, hugging my soft flesh to create a smooth, lustrous exterior. From start to finish, the experience of wearing this second skin is uniquely erotic. The slow and careful ritual of lubricating the rubber before I glide my body inside. The hot, sticky interior heating up my flesh, creating pools of sweat that can’t escape. The feeling of hands sliding effortlessly across every curve. It’s a beautiful symphony of ebbing and flowing sensations. It grounds me and offers a deep sense of pleasure as I inhabit my second flesh. For those who have yet to fully explore this unique fetish, I invite you to kneel at my feet and inhale my divine aroma mingled with rubber. Full latex worship is earned. It is an other-worldly treat reserved for my most cherished supplicants.

Footage shot by Mistress Odette
Post production by me
Sjellos – Chamber of Reflections
Atrium Carceri – Synaptic Transmissions

An extended version of this clip is available here: