To set up an online session with me, complete these steps:
1) Download Skype, or Discord
2) Email me with “cam session” as the subject. In your email, include your Skype or Discord username so I can add you. Describe your level of experience with BDSM, what fetishes you’d like to explore, and how long you would like our session to be.

Exclusive cam sessions are offered in block amounts of time.
15 min… $60
20 min… $80
30 min… $110
45 min… $160
60 min… $210
90 min… $315
120 min… $400

Phone or Skype/Discord (audio only): 2.5/min
Text only: 2.5/min
Text w/ photos: 5/min
*15 minute minimum

On rare occasion and only at my discretion, I will accept gift cards for sessions 30 minutes or under.

I also offer long-term training through:

* Texting
* E-mail
* Assignments
* Chastity/key holding

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