I offer a variety of ways to enthrall my long-distance admirers, or stay in touch those who wish to connect in-between our RT sessions.  

To set up an online session with me, complete these steps:
1) Download Skype, or Discord
2) Email me with “cam session” as the subject. In your email, include the following information:

  • Your Skype or Discord username so I can add you
  • Describe your level of experience with BDSM, what fetishes you’d like to explore
  • How long you would like our session to be
  • 3 days/times that work well for you

Be prepared to make a deposit to reserve our session time.

Exclusive cam sessions are offered in block amounts of time.

15 min… $60 (4/min)
20 min… $80 (4/min)
30 min… $120 (4/min)
45 min… $160 (3.5/min)
60 min… $210 (3.5/min)
90 min… $315 (3.5/min)
120 min… $390 (3.25/min)
On rare occasion and only at my discretion, I will accept gift cards for sessions 30 minutes or under.

Phone / Text / Photos:
Connect with me here! (link opens in new tab)

Fantasy E-mail exchange:

Explore your fantasies in depth with me. This generally plays out as 4-5 email exchanges over the course of a week (please keep the length under 300 words). Tribute starts at 200. 

I also offer long-term training through:
* Texting
* E-mail
* Assignments
* Chastity/key holding

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