I am an empathetic sadist. The line between pleasure and pain will be artistically, and carefully blurred. Uncover the depths of your tolerance. Not a masochist? Sometime a stern, yet loving hand will remind you of your place.  

Electro play – E-stim, TENS Unit, Violet Wand, Taser, Cock Shocker

Sensory playWax, Ice, Pin Wheels, Sensory Deprivation, Scratching, Biting, Icy Hot 

Nipple play & torture – Clothes Pins, Various Clamps, Magnets, Suction Bulbs, Mouth & Fingers

Cock & Ball torture (CBT) Ball Parachute, Slapping, Genital Bondage, Knee Ball Busting, Chastity, Clamps, Vice, Sharp Play

Corporal Punishment & Physical Impact Play: Leather & Acrylic Floggers, Canes, Single Tail Whip, Bamboo Stick, School House Ruler, Riding Crop, Leather & Wooden Paddles, Over The Knee Spanking

Medical Play – Needles, Cupping, Skin Staples, Sounding, Forced Enema, Electro Play, Tongs, Pin-Wheel, Dental Gags

Fantasy + Role Play

A more playful way to explore BDSM, fetish & kink. I adore collaborating with my subjects to fulfill their specific fantasies.

Blackmail – (Consensual, fantasy only.) I have so much dirt on you, I could ruin your life if I wanted. If you do whatever I say, I’ll keep our little secrets…

Sissy Training – Explore your feminine side in a safe environment –  Panties & Stockings, Makeover, Wigs, Dress-Up, Tea Parties, Maid Service

Role Play Puppy Training, Therapist/Client, Sadistic Nurse, Interrogator, Abductor, Mean & Playful Ex-Girlfriend, to name a few 

Age Play: Mommy/Aunt, Student/Teacher, Cruel Babysitter

Sensuality + Intimacy

My beauty is intimidating, my charm irresistible. Sometimes a tender touch is needed, yet my power never yields as I guide you further down the rabbit hole.  

Tease and Denial I like you better when you’re insanely frustrated

Clothed Female Nude Male (CFNM) –  A delightful way to explore vulnerability

Body Worship – Feet (Slender size 8.5), Legs, Ass, Breasts, Queening, Smothering

Strap & Role Reversal –  I have dildos and plugs in a variety of sizes, and I’m quite skilled with my hands.

Clothing & Material Fetish Stockings, Lingerie, High Heels, Latex, Mesh, Leather, PVC, Satin, Silk – I have an extensive, curated wardrobe – inquire for requests

Light to Heavy Bondage – Chains, Belts, Rope, Mummification, Cuffs, Collars, Extended Confinement, Zip Ties 

Orgasm Control – Forced Orgasm, Ruined Orgasm, Chastity, Edging, Masturbation Instructions

Cuddle Top – I take aftercare seriously, and off a few minutes after each session to bring you back to reality with compassionate touch. Extended cuddle sessions available upon request, at my discretion.

Other Delicacies

Kink is boundless. Surrender your inhibitions and allow your perverted imagination to run wild.

Humiliation & Degradation – Verbal (Dirty Names, Emasculation, Intelligence, Physical Appearance Such as Small Penis Humiliation), Slapping, Spitting

Voyeurism – I have several curious kinky and vanilla friends who enjoy observing my sessions. They are sure to find your desperate situation entertaining! Additional tribute required.

“Forced” Bi – Your secret cock cravings will be exposed for my entertainment. Additional tribute required.

Financial Domination – Must tribute minimum 100 to begin, or I’ll consider you a phony

Golden Showers – Face, Body, Nectar Consumption

Sploshing –  A favorite of mine! Additional tribute required for supplies, set up and clean up

Tickling – Playful, Forced, Torture

Breath Play Gas Mask, Hand Over Mouth, Object Smothering (Such as a Pillow), Hoods

Chemical Play – Poppers, “Forced” Intoxication

Scent Play – Armpit Worship, Ass Worship, Dirty Panties – My pheromones will drive you wild.

For the devoted foot slut – Foot Worship (Bare Feet, Socks, Stockings, Boots, High Heels, Sneakers), Trampling, Smelling

At this time I do not offer in-person Cuckolding sessions. This is subject to change in the future, or on a very limited basis with established clients.

This is not an exhaustive list of possibilities! Inquire if you don’t see your interests listed here, so long as they are not one of my limits (please reference my FAQ page.)

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