Did you enjoy our time together? I love hearing from my satisfied sluts…

“The scene was amazing. Like, I’ve been putting off writing this check in because I want more words to describe it amazing. ‘It was great’ and ‘You are a craftsman’ don’t feel like they do it justice. […] I was elated when the blood started flowing. Instantly upped the intensity of the scene and put me into the best headspace. Especially when it was combined with you grinding your heels into me, I felt all the weird combo of bliss and adrenaline and all the reasons I think people get drawn to BDSM. Amazing session, words feel inadequate to describe it, you’re the best.” –J

“Words can barely describe my experience with Goddess Letharia, but I will do my absolute best to accurately say it. Our session was one of the most amazing, fun, scary, beautiful and rewarding experiences of my entire life. Seeing a dominatrix was something that I’ve dreamed about for so long and actually experiencing it was lightyears greater than I ever expected. The bondage, latex, spanking, medical play, anal play and torture were all so fantastic alone, but add Letharia’s sweet touch and calming voice, and you have something truly out of this world. My one regret was that it took me this long to experience the majesty that is Goddess Letharia.” -anon

“For starters, this was my first ever BDSM session with a professional like Letharia. I was pretty nervous throughout the process because I didn’t know what to expect, but Goddess Letharia absolutely put me at ease every step of the way. Booking was easy and open-ended, and with clear guidelines I was able to express my fantasies and communicate with her my interests and limits. She was extremely cooperative leading up to the session, asking me questions and answering mine in the process.When I arrived for the session, I walked in the door a little unsure of myself, but Goddess Letharia quickly put all of that at ease and took the reins where my inexperience would’ve held me back. Her absolutely seductive cruel streaks were followed by moments of sweet relief, and the whole event was a true roller-coaster of bliss for me. She pushes all the right buttons at the right time, and as a foot and scent lover she did not at all disappoint! I left feeling refreshed, energized, and a little high on her smell.I will be back for further training, and I encourage anybody else interested to do the same; whatever your experience level, Goddess Letharia has the skill set to keep you coming back for more!” -Your Foot Toy, A.

“I was an absolute novice going into my first session with Master Letharia. From the first message I sent to them, I felt like they were crafting a session that expertly entwined my interests and limits with their desires. They greeted me at their dungeon, and allowed me to be honest about my fantasies and kinks. They listen, they comprehend, and they pay attention. For as anxious as those first few minutes can sometimes be, they are excellent at checking in you, game planning the upcoming session, and ultimately making you feel at ease. As for the session itself, they are an artist. They can coax emotions and sensations out of you the way that sculptors can coax the human form out of marble. They are so great at pushing you right to the edge, but also knowing when to pull back and allow you space to recover. I’ve had a chance to explore a diverse array of fetishes with Master Letharia, and I’ve always been amazed at the diverse skill set they have. Time has never done anything but fly by in their presence. Afterwards, they take time to calm you down and bring you back to earth. You can relax and bask in the joy of what you experienced, and then prepare yourself to return to the straight world. From soup to nuts Master Letharia creates sessions that linger with you, and I can’t possibly recommend them enough”. -John B

Our time with you exceeded all expectations. Your preparation, your demeanor, your physical and emotional personas, your patience, your willingness and your guidance were all incredible. What you provoked from [name redacted] and what you provided me was so exciting and so special…the pleasure we found in your presence was intense. [Name redacted] is sitting here with me and wants to make sure you specifically know how delicious and lovely the encounter was for her. She was so taken by how firm, sweet and nurturing you were with her. She feels very lucky about being with you for her first experience and has been repeatedly fantasizing about our next adventure with you. We hope we have only scratched the surface of sensuality with you, Letharia. You linger in our thoughts and our senses. We can’t wait explore with you again (and again!).” -Your devotees… N & E

Astute, creative and engaged in the session. Goddess Letharia dominated with her keen observations, professional manner and uninhibited confidence. Profound experience.” -anon

Master.  Goddess.  Letharia is both of these, and yet so much more.  From the way her eyes exude both confidence and compassion, control and caring consideration, I was drawn in.  Letharia is the complete package-tantalizingly tempting appearance combined with the skills and experience of a professional Dominant who is passionate about her craft.  Letharia has an uncanny ability to connect in a completely natural way.  Communication was easy, as we went over desires and limits, and together created a safe space in which to explore the limits of our mutual kinks. I have an interest in medical play, and Letharia showed through the sharp pain of needles sliding into my flesh, that it was a passion we both shared.  I was quickly put into subspace as more and more needles penetrated me.  Letharia maintained physical contact and communication throughout, as I was turned into a pincushion. Her voice and gentle touch belied the skill with which they turned my body into a canvas of beauty and pain. Sadly we ran out of needles, but that did not mean the end- Letharia pulled out a cane and a chain flogger, and soon my body was in ecstasy from the harsher touch of the implements on my thighs.  I was taken to the edge of my limits, and made sure to thank her with my grunts, screams, and tears.  All throughout the experience, Letharia exhibited a wonderful blend of Masterful energy mixed with the inspiring compassion of a Goddess. Through her voice, her touch, and skills honed through years of experience, I was encouraged to let go and surrender completely.   Our encounter left me drained and sore, yet already looking forward to the next time I can place myself at Letharia’s feet”. – S

“She is a diabolical imagination. She took advantage of my pathetic resistance to her will. Goddess Letharia completely owns me now.” -M

“I’m pretty new to exploring this side of my kinks, but Domina Letharia has opened up my world! She’s cruel, but in the best ways possible. I can’t wait to session again and see what other parts of my desires she can unlock.” -CV

“Letharia and I did role playing teacher/student scenario. We had no problem finding each other’s wavelengths, which led to an incredibly fun, rewarding and very sexy session. There was laughter, but she’s also very skilled in wielding her paddles, restraints and more. She had paid attention to what I said in our pre-session emails and understood perfectly what I was looking for and my limits of pain, but also easily took the reigns and led the whole experience. As our session went on and she gradually broke me down, rewards started coming my way (within some boundaries), leaving me quite glad that I had succumbed to Letharia’s feminine superiority. While there was plenty of discipline administered, both verbal and physical, the most torturous part of it all was that Letharia has some of the most beautiful and beguiling eyes you’ll ever see…but I was told I couldn’t look at them! It was a subtle detail that I loved.I very much hope to see her again, but we live pretty far from each other. If she visits my town again, however, I will definitely try and make that happen. She made for a wonderful, unforgettable experience!” -D

“What an awesome first time with Goddess Letharia. She led this newbie to a place he hasn’t been before in a long time.” -MP

“my gratitude to Her knows no bounds, for taking even a minute of Her precious time to help a worthless worm continue his journey to something even approaching the proper worship and adoration of a true Goddess. i don’t know what i did to stumble upon this golden opportunity for servitude under Mistress’ firm hand, but it has given a worthless existence new meaning. i learned much in our session. The chains, your scent, being allowed to gaze at your feet, etc. etc. were overwhelming. There could have been no better introduction to everything Austin has to offer. The city should be grateful you grace it with your presence. Mistress is too kind to me. She will live forever in the pantheon of eternal Goddesses. i look forward with great anticipation to our next meeting, if You deem me worthy.” -W

“It’s obvious Master cares for her subs. Master Letharia has helped me to fully explore my kinks and desires, and provided an avenue where she guides me in other fetishes I have been curious about. Turns out, I can’t get enough of Mistress’s feet. I knew I would be into the primal pheromones from her hairy armpits and those fleeting peeks at her beautiful bush, but worshiping her feet was an erotic rush I never expected and now can never go without. I am forever grateful to Master Letharia and will keep jumping at every opportunity to bask in her glory.” -PB

“I kneel before you, Letharia. You are the perfect beautiful mistress whom I exclusively exist to serve for. Your pleasure and joy give meaning to my life. Whatever you command I obey. I am endlessly grateful to be your pet. My only goal left can be to become the best pet you can imagine. I know you will guide me there, as there exists only one path: growing devotion and obedience for you with every step!” -D

“I don’t think I can explain how much I love your scent. It’s just not possible. The idea of licking your bare, stinky feet is now intoxicating beyond words. They are beautiful and they smell so erotic as well.. fuck… ” -Your foot slut

“I shouldn’t be writing this review. I’d love to be the only one serving under her feet, but that wouldn’t be right. I’ve sessioned with superior females from New York to San Francisco and places in-between and Mistress Letharia is at the pinnacle of her craft. Not only that, but a session at twice or even thrice the tribute rate would be cheap, but don’t tell her I said that! My two sessions were a delightful mixture of pleasure, laughter, intoxicating sights and scents and oh yes, exquisite pain. I’ll be back if she allows me. Simply put, there is no better.” Worm W

“Letharia is beautiful and creative and so much more than a Domme. Really getting to know you, your kinks and your desires, she stretches them so that every session is unique, heart pounding and under her loving control. I’m so glad met her and I look forward to every session we have together.” -jj

“Vulnerability can be associated with uncertainty, risk, or emotional and physical exposure. […] Most would see me as a natural leader, someone whose role it is to make decisions, not as a helpless man serving at the feet of a powerful Mistress. I knew as I lurked her profile that Goddess Letharia was different – a true perfectionist, someone that would know how to protect my vulnerability. I knew that I would be able to express my desires completely without judgment. Once I finally took the step, I felt completely safe in opening up about all things that have always been erotic to me. The desires I’d kept hidden for so long. Somewhere along in my youth I discovered a love of all things satin and lace and this became one of my closest held secrets. I couldn’t even imagine sharing or expressing this part of me, especially when I was younger. Imagine someone from your late teens knowing that you had such a predilection? Unthinkable!
My recent experience with Goddess Letharia allowed me to step fully into all the things I had hidden from so many. There I was in stockings and panties, but as strong and measured as Goddess Letharia was, I was perfectly frightened. Yet I was finally truly vulnerable and my world was completely in someone else’s hands. That vulnerability took me to all the places I had fantasized it would. I had absolutely no control and it was incredibly freeing. So many things from that day will stay with me forever and I hope to experience many of them again and again. Taking those risks made me feel truly alive – to feel out of control and exposed in the best way and to feel that rush of endorphins is the greatest high in the world.
Every person’s fetishes are in some way unique to them, and Goddess Letharia seemed to be completely dialed into mine. From the moment I stepped into her lair, I knew that I was safe, but headed down an uncertain road. Completely placing myself in her hands, she expertly guided me into a world where she reigned supreme. The details of our experience shall remain private for me, but know that this Goddess lives what she does. I may not be an expert in these encounters, but it is clear to me there is something special in her. Nothing fake and there certainly was no doubt that she enjoyed my defenselessness. That is what made it special. Knowing that my actions were pleasing her was amazing for me. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I struggled with whether or not I wanted to even write this as part of me wanted to keep this special experience all to myself, but Goddess Letharia deserves all the respect in the world!”

“Visited Letharia on a recent business trip to the Austin area. I can honestly say that I am now a loyal sub and am absolutely in love with my Goddess. I have to preface my comments by saying that I am an experienced sub and have seen countless dominatrixes from all over the US from Georgia, D.C. and LA. Never have I met a goddess that completely satisfies my desires as does Letharia. I immediately felt a connection with her upon my arrival at her domain. She was very outgoing and I could tell that she seriously wanted me to feel at ease and to ensure that I had an enjoyable session. I had requested ball busting as well as needle play. She initially started slowly so as to acclimate me to the session. It was then that she started becoming more and more rough with me and spanking my balls as well as whipping them. The room was of average size but I was surprised as to the amount of toys and devices of torture that we contained in the same. After my balls were tortured she place me in a special chair and immediately secured my arms and legs and spread my legs open. It was then that I realized that the needle play was to being. Let me say at this point that needle play is not for the faint of heart. There is immense pain involved as well as much red stuff. For some reason I am not a big fan of whipping or caning, although it is ok for a short duration, however needle play is something that I very much enjoy. Letharia brought out her tray of goodies and commenced to insert the needles through the side of my balls. I could see the sadistic pleasure that she was having while she was giving me great pain. Its almost as though seeing the red stuff all over gave her an almost orgasmic glow. It was seeing her pleasure that made me want to undergo any pain that she inflicted upon me. It was then that she commenced to stapling my balls also. It was when I saw her gloves covered with the liquid and her having the biggest smile I’ve ever seen that I almost had an orgasm myself. It seemed like it would never end when I saw needle after needle penetrating my now worn out testicles. I honestly think she lost track of the time and was deriving great pleasure at the pain she was inflicting. When the session was ending and she was removing the staples and needles I remarked that I didn’t think she could get any more liquid out of me the next time whereupon she laughed and said that this was nothing. I remarked that I wanted the needles directly in my balls the next time and with hypodermic needles. She cruelly inquired if I was challenging her and that she had various scalpels that she could use. In conclusion I have to admit that Letharia is absolutely the best dominatrix that I have ever been to and am now here loyal sub and can’t wait to see her in December!!!” -L

“Our recent session was considerably the most fun I’ve ever experienced when it comes to exploring my fetish. Your method of tickle torture completely exceeded my expectations.” -anon

“It was an amazing experience for me. Thank you for making me feel at ease and comfortable. It really help me be in the moment, let go, and focus on  pleasing you.” – A

“Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s session. Going home I was so giggly I missed my exit. Even a day later in still high on endorphins. I think we’ve had some great sessions before, but that was a new high for me […] Thank you again for everything. I’m always so happy leaving my your dungeon. You’re an amazing dom, and I’m always in awe of the care and craftsmanship you put into your work.” -J

“Thank you for being so great every time we talk. You really make it easy for me to feel like I can be honest about my interests and who I am and I really value that. Not only are you beautiful but caring and considerate as well! […] I consider myself so lucky to be able to learn, talk, and share experiences with you Goddess.” -M

“Goddess, thank you for an incredible experience. You are taking me to places, pleasures, and beautiful pain I never thought of experiencing.” -J

“I’m still gradually emerging from subspace… But I need to tell you that you’re a force of nature and an intuitive power domme who has no equal.  Not now. Not ever.  I am not worthy.  Your feet are seared into my brain […] One worship session with you is more powerful and uplifting and impactful to my happiness than a hundred therapy sessions with my psychiatrist.  It’s true and I don’t care if that’s wrong. ” -anon 

“Goddess, that was the most amazing session I’ve ever experienced. The combination of stretching my limits of pain and edging but also playing to my core fantasies of cuckold, sph, worship and humiliation was transformational for me.” -r

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