For my loyal pervs, I offer a variety of ways to worship me near or far. It brings me joy to think of you cherishing an item that was once mine – only to serve as a constant reminder of my hold over you.

My schedule is very busy these days, making it more difficult to meet in person – therefore mailing items is preferred (+5 to 10/ USA only). I can also provide your items before or after a session. Tribute starts at 50. 

New or worn items I offer:

  • Panties (mesh, cotton, or silk)
  • Gloves (nitrile, surgical, mesh, etc)
  • Stockings
  • Socks
  • Lipstick
  • Vial of Goddess nectar
  • Shoes (sneakers, heels, sandals)
  • I welcome other requests

I also enjoy creating custom content for my devotees.

Set of 5 minimum. $10/ea (These are generally taken on my phone or webcam. If you’d prefer photos taken with a professional DSLR camera and retouched, rates start at $20/ea)

5 minute minimum. $10-20/ min
Additional tribute for highly specific requests, multiple people involved in the clip, etc.

Email me to discuss your requests: contact@obeyletharia.com

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